Pipeline Construction

Some 50 miles of raw-water pipeline will move untreated water from Pueblo Dam to the water treatment plant. The raw-water pipeline is divided into two major sections: south and north. The south pipeline is 66-inches in diameter and spans about 29 miles. The north pipeline includes about 18 miles of raw water pipeline that is 66-inches in diameter.

The treated-water pipeline transports water that has been purified at the water treatment plant to a distribution system that carries it to homes and businesses. 

Pipeline construction status:

Pueblo West pipeline (S2) -- complete; ongoing revegetation

Midway Ranches area pipeline – complete; ongoing revegetation

South pipeline – construction complete; ongoing revegetation

North pipeline – construction complete; ongoing revegetation

Constitution Avenue pipeline – construction complete

Interactive Map
Pueblo County 1041 Land Use Permit
Pueblo County 1041 Mitigation Appendix

SDS Revegetation Brochure

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SDS Phase I

  • Pueblo Dam connection
  • Raw and finished water pipeline
  • 3 water pump stations
  • 1 water treatment plant

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