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2016 News Stories

Pueblo County will have a say in the future of the Springs' Southern Delivery System project: One of the few cities its size not located on a river, Colorado Springs has always wrestled with providing a water supply. Colorado Springs Independent, January 27, 2016


2015 News Stories

Suthers: Flood funding needed: Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers made a strong statement for stormwater funding in his state of the city speech Wednesday. Pueblo Chieftain, September 10, 2015

Colorado Springs celebrates progress: ...The Southern Delivery System marches toward completion ahead of schedule and under budget, creating access to the community's water in Pueblo Reservoir. More water means enhanced ability to grow the business community, the population and the economy. The Gazette, September 9, 2015

Pipeline problem in Pueblo West: Repairs are underway; county, Springs come to the rescue. Pueblo Chieftain, July 18, 2015

Springs Utilities pleased with results of flood control project: A new $4.2 million flood control project completed along Fountain Creek is functioning as intended according to Colorado Springs Utilities. KOAA News 5, May 8, 2015

A Weld Runs Through It: Using the weld-after-backfill method crews keep Colorado waterline project on track. FFJournal, May 2015

First Phase of Southern Colorado Water Project Nears Completion: Water will begin running uphill-and north-along Colorado's southern Front Range next year when the $841-million Southern Delivery System goes on line. ENR Mountain States, April 20, 2015

Officials celebrate milestone in construction of Southern Delivery System: The last 50-foot pipe of the 50-mile-long Southern Delivery System arrived at a construction site Wednesday, marking a key milestone for the project as it nears completion next year both on time and under budget. The Gazette, March 19, 2015

Local Company Thrived on SDS: The Southern Delivery System pipeline’s completion was marked by a contingent of El Paso County officials and a smattering of Pueblo County folks as well. The Pueblo Chieftain, March 19, 2015

Southern Delivery System marks major milestone The massive Southern Delivery System water delivery infrastructure project marked a major milestone Wednesday morning. The project took delivery of the final 50-foot segment of 66-inch-diameter pipeline connecting Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs. KOAA, March 18, 2015

60-mile pipeline project draws Denver companies: Denver-area companies are playing significant roles in the construction of Colorado Springs’ $880 million water pipeline project, called the Southern Delivery System. Denver Business Journal, August 26, 2011

Officials mark start of SDS construction: A throng of public officials from Pueblo and El Paso counties ushered in the Southern Delivery System on Friday at the face of Pueblo Dam. Pueblo Chieftain, August 20, 2011.

Building A Pipeline, Creating A Lifeline: History was made at the Pueblo Dam Friday as officials kick off one of the largest water supply projects in Colorado. KKTV, August 19, 2011.

Utilities officials considering spending more money up front on SDS: Colorado Springs Utilities officials are studying whether to spend more money up front to accelerate the construction of the 62-mile Southern Delivery System water pipeline. The Gazette, July 1, 2011.

SDS still needed if Banning Lewis Ranch sold for oil and gas exploration, officials say:
“Even if you didn’t develop the Banning Lewis Ranch, you’re still going to have to serve a growing population in El Paso County,” said Rummel. The Gazette, June 29, 2011.

Construction starts on massive 62-mile pipeline:
Construction is under way on a massive underground pipeline designed to meet future water needs in Southern Colorado. KOAA TV 5, June 17, 2011.

Pueblo Dam Work:
Work has begun on the Southern Delivery System below the Pueblo Dam. The pipeline will carry water to Colorado Springs via Pueblo County. Pueblo Chieftain, June 15, 2011.

Fountain Creek – Colorado Springs' riverwalk?: Public officials and utilities workers are considering plans to upgrade the Fountain Creek. Colorado Springs Business Journal, June 10, 2011.

Construction Begins At Pueblo Reservoir: Construction has started in Pueblo County to install the 62-mile pipeline that will run from Pueblo County to Colorado Springs. KRDO TV 13, May 24, 2011.

Final contracts signed on SDS project, pipeline work to start: The Southern Delivery System water project is a done deal. The Gazette, May 6, 2011.

Without SDS, we could wither up and die: If you want to kill Colorado Springs and choke off prosperity, just do something to prevent additional water from flowing into the community. Gazette, March 24, 2011.

Letters: Right project at right time: Wayne Laugesen’s Our View, “A promise of ‘jobs’ means yes to SDS,” Mar. 2, supporting the Southern Delivery System, is spot on. Gazette, Letters to Editor, Councilman Bernie Herpin, March 6, 2011.

Experts to sell public on water's value: Water doesn't come from a tap. Food doesn't come from a grocery store. Electric power doesn't spring forth magically from the plastic cover on the wall. Chieftain, March 6, 2011.

Our View: More jobs means yes to SDS: Prosperity for Colorado Spring depends on the Southern Delivery System. Gazette Editorial, March 2, 2011.

SDS contracts released by Bureau of Reclamation: Proposed contracts for excess-capacity storage in Lake Pueblo for the Southern Delivery System were released by the Bureau of Reclamation. Pueblo Chieftain, February 25, 2011.

City's thirst for water began more than a century ago:
More than a century ago, the city’s forefathers predicted that Colorado Springs’ vitality would run dry without a reliable water source. Gazette, January 21, 2011.

Major Milestones for SDS project: Gazette, January 21, 2011.

Commission: Utilities water quality certificate good to go: A state commission refused Monday to overturn a critical water quality certification that Colorado Springs Utilities obtained last year for the SDS pipeline. Gazette, January 10, 2011.
Water Infrastructure: Mayor Lionel Rivera discusses why water infrastructure is a good investment now in the national publication American City and County. American City and County, December 2010.

Engineering feature: The November 2010 issue of Civil Engineering Magazine features SDS and explains key engineering features of the project.
Civil Engineering Magazine, November 2010.

Flowing uphill: Aurora’s Prairie Waters project:
Colorado Biz Magazine describes key water project underway in Colorado including the Southern Delivery System. Colorado Biz, November 2010.

Guest Column: Economic vitality linked to water: Colorado Springs citizens have long known that clean, affordable water is the backbone of a livable and prosperous community. Colorado Biz, November 2010.

Springs & feds reach water deal that is key to pipeline:
Colorado Springs Utilities and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation reached a tentative agreement Wednesday over long-term water contracts needed for SDS. Gazette, August 26, 2010.

Utilities, Reclamation inch toward agreement on SDS:
Colorado Springs Utilities and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation edged closer to an agreement Tuesday for the Southern Delivery System pipeline. Gazette, August 25, 2010.

A good deal: An agreement has been reached to settle a lawsuit by Pueblo West against Pueblo County over the Arkansas River flow program through the city of Pueblo. Pueblo Chieftain, July 23, 2010 PDF Document.

Homes sold for SDS to be recycled: Colorado Springs Utilities will donate materials from homes it is buying in Pueblo West to the Pueblo Habitat for Humanity. Pueblo Chieftain, July 19, 2010 PDF Document.

Learning and earning from SDS talks: The current round of negotiations for contracts for the Southern Delivery System has some direct impacts for the Arkansas Valley Conduit. Pueblo Chieftain, July 18, 2010 PDF Document.

Bigger pipe planned at dam: A $30 million connection to Pueblo Dam at the North Outlet Works would be sized larger than needed as part of the Southern Delivery System. Pueblo Chieftain, July 17, 2010 PDF Document.

SDS retools offer for storage contract: After huddling Friday, the SDS partners presented a proposal to the Bureau of Reclamation based on the market approach. Pueblo Chieftain, July 17, 2010 PDF Document.

SDS negotiations end without agreement:
Negotiations between Colorado Springs Utilities and the federal Bureau of Reclamation involving the SDS ended today. Colorado Springs Gazette, July 16, 2010 PDF Document.

City Gov SDS helps Habitat for Humanity:
Materials from houses purchased in Pueblo West by Colorado Springs Utilities to make way for SDS will be salvaged and used by Pueblo Habitat for Humanity. Colorado Springs Independent, July 16, 2010 PDF Document.

Lower Ark reviews Fountain Creek progress: A partnership of agencies working on Fountain Creek could bring in as much as $6 million for projects in Pueblo and El Paso counties. Pueblo Chieftain, June 17, 2010. PDF Document.

SDS contract talks to open at arts center on Tuesday: It will be at least six years before Southern Delivery System is completed but negotiations for the contract that will allow the project to move forward are happening this week. Pueblo Chieftain, May 24, 2010.

Hundreds of SDS jobs on tap:
Colorado Springs expects the water pipeline project will employ an average of 380 workers per year through 2016 with the peak hiring anticipated to come in 2014 with an estimated 700 jobs. Pueblo Chieftain, Feb. 5, 2010.

Springs details sewer upgrades: Colorado Springs agreed to spend $75 million on sewer collection rehabilitation or reuse projects as a condition of Pueblo County’s 1041 permit for the Southern Delivery System. Pueblo Chieftain, Feb. 4, 2010.

Fountain Creek flows a moving target. Fountain Creek flows would be a moving target for Colorado Springs and its partners in SDS, according to information in an application. Pueblo Chieftain, Jan. 8, 2010. PDF Document.
Stormwater pledges giving to district: Colorado Springs officials gave strong assurances Friday that stormwater commitments made while obtaining permission to build SDS would be honored. Pueblo Chieftain, December 5, 2009. PDF Document.

Forget baby boomers, aging infrastructure real crisis: The average age of Colorado Springs’ reservoirs and dams is 83 years old. Colorado Springs Business Journal, December 4, 2009. PDF Document.

Reclamation asked to begin SDS contract talks:
Colorado Springs has asked the Bureau of Reclamation to begin negotiations for SDS contracts “as soon as possible.” Pueblo Chieftain, December 2, 2009. PDF Document.

Let's not impede progress of SDS: Do what you must to balance the budget, but don’t impede the long-term progress of SDS in order to resolve short-term budgetary concerns. Colorado Springs Gazette, November 23, 2009. PDF Document.

SDS work on Fountain Creek to begin next year. Colorado Springs plans to begin Fountain Creek improvements under the Southern Delivery System next year. Pueblo Chieftain, November 14, 2009. PDF Document.

Springs says SDS promises remain in place. Colorado Springs is determined to live up to its promises for Fountain Creek. Pueblo Chieftain, November 5, 2009. PDF Document.

Fountain funding plan gets approval.
Move clears the way for watershed exec's hiring. An administrator for a newly formed district on Fountain Creek could be hired by the end of the year. Pueblo Chieftain, October 2, 2009. PDF Document.

Project gives fish way to go up a creek.
The Arkansas darter and flathead chub will be protected under plan. Pueblo Chieftain, August 2, 2009. PDF Document.

Springs, Pueblo County drop lawsuit over pipeline permit. A three-and-a-half-year legal battle between Colorado Springs and Pueblo County quietly ended this week. The Gazette, July 30, 2009. PDF Document.

Springs, county to settle lawsuit. Colorado Springs and Pueblo County have reached an agreement to dismiss a lawsuit. Pueblo Chieftain, July 30, 2009. PDF Document.

Colo. Springs, county drop lawsuit over pipeline.
Colorado Springs and Pueblo County have ended a 3.5-year-old legal battle over a water pipeline. AP story published by Denver Post, July 29, 2009. PDF Document.

Giant new pipe benefits all.
The Colorado Springs City Council, serving as the Colorado Springs Utility Board, approved a plan Wednesday to build SDS. The Gazette, editorial, July 24, 2009. PDF Document.

Springs Utilities goes with Pueblo for SDS. Colorado Springs Utilities chose Wednesday to move forward with its preferred alternative and construct SDS. Canon City Daily Record, July 24, 2009. PDF Document.

Noreen: No whining, please, on doubled water rates. You can never expect to pay your parents back for all they’ve done for you. The Gazette, Barry Noreen column, July 23, 2009. PDF Document.

Pipeline destined for Pueblo County. Colorado Springs City Council nails down the route of SDS from Pueblo Dam. Pueblo Chieftain, July 23, 2009. PDF Document.

City approves Southern Delivery System. By an 8-1 City Council, acting as the Utilities Board, approved the construction of the long-planned SDS. Colorado Springs Business Journal, July 23, 2009. PDF Document.

Pipeline may meet regional water needs. The Southern Delivery System pipeline is being looked at as a way to move water to other parts of El Paso County. Pueblo Chieftain, July 23, 2009. PDF Document.

City Council approves SDS plan that doubles water rates over next decade. Colorado Springs residents will pay dearly over the next decade for the water officials say is needed for the city’s future. The Gazette, July 22, 2009. PDF Document.

Southern Delivery System goes forward. An historic vote means the Southern Delivery System will be built. KOAA, July 22, 2009. PDF Document.

Smoother sailing for once-contentious project.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is considering the last major permit for the Southern Delivery System. The Gazette, June 23, 2009. PDF Document.

Army Corps of Engineers begins new SDS evaluation.
Colorado Springs Utilities has filed with the Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to build SDS. Pueblo Chieftain, May 17, 2009. PDF Document.

Agency accepting comments on SDS. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking public comments on a permit request by Colorado Springs Utilities to build the $1.1 billion SDS pipeline. The Gazette, May 16, 2009. PDF Document.

Springs could benefit from Southern Delivery System lake.
Upper Williams Creek Reservoir will be the largest, in surface area, owned by Colorado Springs. The Gazette, May 8, 2009.

Sailing the Springs could happen soon. As part of the SDS, a new water storage reservoir is in the plans. Colorado Springs Business Journal, May 8, 2009.

Utilities' Bostrom pushes, drags SDS project to success.
The name-calling days appear to be over. Utilities on received a permit on April 21 from Pueblo County to build SDS. The Gazette, April 30, 2009.

Utilities secures key permit for Southern Delivery System.
Colorado Springs Utilities has the permit it needs to build a $1.1 billion water. The Gazette, April 21, 2009.

Pueblo County approves SDS permit.
Pueblo County commissioners approved and signed a permit Tuesday morning for Colorado Springs to build SDS. Pueblo Chieftain, April 22, 2009.

Time to break down the boundaries.
Leaders in El Paso and Pueblo counties were able to work together in the interests of the entire region to ensure SDS will be built. Colorado Springs Business Journal, April 17, 2009.

Projects like SDS rise and fall on environmental impact studies. “SDS was part of the 1996 water resources plan but we’ve been working on it for 25 years.” Colorado Springs Business Journal, April 16, 2009.

By an 8-1 vote, the Colorado Springs City Council on Tuesday ushered in a new era of good feelings between the city and Pueblo. The Council approved the conditions set by Pueblo County to build the $1.1 billion SDS pipeline. The Gazette, April 15, 2009.

Colorado Springs City Council cleared the way Tuesday for the Southern Delivery System to be built from Pueblo Dam by approving Pueblo County’s terms and conditions for the $1.1 billion pipeline project. Pueblo Chieftain, April 15, 2009.

There is apparently no outrage in Colorado Springs concerning the $125 million string Pueblo County has attached to the approval to build a water pipeline from Pueblo Reservoir. The Colorado Springs City Council held a hearing Thursday night on that county's conditions for approving the $1.1 billion Southern Delivery System. The Gazette, April 10, 2009.

Across the street from Colorado Springs City Hall Thursday people lined up for a cage fight. Colorado Springs City Council reviewed Pueblo County’s conditions for a Southern Delivery System. Pueblo Chieftain, April 10, 2009.

Like a duck to water, city always looking for more. Colorado Springs has extended straws in practically every direction, from the high peaks of the Sawatch Mountains to the arid southeastern plains The Gazette, April 4, 2009. View Water System Map

A bright future. The future economic development of Colorado Springs, El Paso County and Pueblo County took another giant leap as Pueblo County commissioners greenlit SDS. The Gazette, editorial, March 12, 2009.

Pueblo issues conditions for SDS. Pueblo County issued a number of conditions this morning that must be met before it issues permits SDS. Colorado Springs Business Journal Daily Updates, March 11, 2009.

C.S.U. begins work to honor commitments for River Park. Colorado Springs Utilities has already started working to meet its commitments to the City of Florence. Florence Citizen, March 5, 2009.

SDS true stimulus. Impacts of the the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be negligible compared to the Southern Delivery System. Colorado Springs Business Journal, February 27, 2009.

Fountain Creek teeming with good thing. Good things are happening on Fountain Creek. Pueblo Chieftain, February 19, 2009.

SDS backup plan via Fremont gains support. The backup plan for the Southern Delivery System is on the path to approval after Fremont County commissioners approved the plan. The Gazette, February 11, 2009.

Water delivery project can benefit Fremont County. A pipeline partially in Fremont County remains another viable option. Canon City Daily Record, February 9, 2009.

County to make SDS decision. Fremont County Commissioners will decide the future of the Southern Delivery System during a public hearing Tuesday.Canon City Daily Record, February 9, 2009.

SDS promoters hold open house.
Several area residents took the opportunity to learn more about the Southern Delivery System and its possible impact in Fremont County. Florence Citizen, February 5, 2009.

Springs group making SDS pitch.
Representatives of Colorado Springs Utilities conducted a media tour Thursday afternoon at the park to explain revitalization plans and possibilities. Canon City Daily Record, January 30, 2009.
Water project to boost area’s construction. The Southern Delivery System (SDS) is critically important to Colorado Springs because our very future depends on it. Colorado Springs Gazette, December 14, 2008.

SDS decision:
an early present or lump of coal? The potential impacts of SDS have been exhaustively analyzed by the city-financed Environmental Impact Statement. Colorado Springs Business Journal. November 14, 2008.

State girds for drought if temps soar. The heat wave that started Christmas Day will be about to end as high temperatures return to the temperate 60s. Pueblo Chieftain, October 12, 2008.

Cutting the crap. When it comes to spills, Colorado Springs Utilities has been cleaning up its act. Colorado Springs Independent, October 9, 2008.
Jimmy Camp Creek plans shifts. Colorado Springs Utilities and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation have scrapped a plan for the proposed Jimmy Camp Creek Reservoir. The Gazette, October 6, 2008.

Series of meetings planned to explain impacts of SDS. Participants in the Southern Delivery System are planning a series of meetings to explain the impacts of the. Pueblo Chieftain, October 4, 2008.

SDS seeks permit in Fremont County. Fremont County officials on Thursday received an application for a special review use permit from Colorado Springs for its Southern Delivery System. Pueblo Chieftain, September 13, 2008.

Pueblo wants to test collector on Fountain Creek. The City of Pueblo wants to find out if a streamside collection system would be a realistic alternative to dredging Fountain Creek. Pueblo Chieftain, September 11, 2008.

Fountain Creek board’s solution almost ready.
A task force proposes an agreement between the two counties to form the Fountain Creek Watershed District. The Gazette, September 5, 2008.

Sen. Salazar applauds Fountain Creek decision.
U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar had high praise for the Fountain Creek Vision Task Force. Pueblo Chieftain, September 5, 2008.

New twists may be in Fountain Creek’s future. Fountain Creek just needs to work on its curves. That's one of the recommendations of the Fountain Creek Master Plan. The Gazette, August 21, 2008.

SDS project moves ahead.
It’s full steam ahead. That was the plan for Colorado Springs Utilities, who will begin the permitting process in two to three weeks for SDS. Canon City Daily Record, August 19, 2008.

Fountain Creek authority appears closer. A committee is moving closer to forming an authority to spearhead physical improvements to Fountain Creek. Pueblo Chieftain, August 16, 2008.

Fountain needs a few bends to get in shape
. Fixing Fountain Creek doesn’t necessarily mean straightening it out. Pueblo Chieftain, July 31, 2008.
Springs snaps at Udall request to delay SDS. A request by U.S. Rep. Mark Udall to delay the EIS for SDS has sparked an angry response from some Colorado Springs business leaders. Pueblo Chieftain, July 9, 2008.

Udall wants SDS to stall. U.S. Rep. Mark Udall is running for election to the United States Senate. What may be good for his campaign holds more weight with the congressman than what's good for the economic welfare of Colorado. Editorial, The Gazette, July 8, 2008. PDF Document.

The SDS environmental impact statement. It’s clear that the best, fairest and most environmentally sensitive way of providing additional water is through the construction of the so-called “preferred option.” Editorial, Colorado Springs Business Journal, June 13, 2008. PDF Document (13K)

SDS: Fremont County Won’t Pay. Colorado Springs Utilities is exploring the possibility of building the Southern Delivery System pipeline through Fremont County. Canon City Daily Record, June 11, 2008.

Keeping healthy business climate requires water.
We need the Southern Delivery System to provide water for our future. Guest Editorial by Stephannie Finley. Colorado Springs Business Journal, April 18, 2008.

Springs mayor claims pipeline benefits region. The mayor of Colorado Springs said connecting a pipeline to Pueblo Dam is the best regional solution for the Southern Delivery System. Pueblo Chieftain, April 10, 2008

City’s alternative water plan takes step forward.
Fremont County has agreed to ground rules for consideration of Colorado Springs' $1 billion Southern Delivery System. The Gazette, April 10, 2008

Greater chance SDS runs through Fremont County. Chances are “significant” the final choice for the massive Southern Delivery System water project will run through Fremont County. Canon City Daily Record, April 10, 2008

SDS needed to meet city’s future needs. Mayor Rivera: SDS needed to meet city’s future. Guest editorial, by Mayor Rivera The Gazette, March 29.
Publishers war with the Springs. Pueblo Chieftain publisher Robert Rawlings seems to despise Colorado Springs. To spite our city, he appears willing to forgo the best interests of his own. The Gazette, March 27, 2008.

Utilities’ water plan win bureau’s favor.
Colorado Springs Utilities scored a victory Friday when the federal government agreed the city’s proposal for piping water from Pueblo Reservoir is the best of seven options. The Gazette, March 1, 2008 and the Denver Post, March 2, 2008

CSU reveals visions for Fountain Creek. "Imagine observing beavers building dams in wetlands along Fountain Creek or watching the stream change during rainstorms – in person and from a webcam. The Gazette, February 23, 2008.

Water rates would climb 126% by 2015. Colorado Springs’ proposed action for SDS would cost about $1.1 billion to build (2007 dollars). These stories from The Gazette and Woodmen Edition outline the costs involved.

Federal Bureau rules out water reuse for Springs. Colorado Springs residents won't have to drink recycled wastewater when the city expands its water system, the Interior Department's Bureau of Reclamation has decided. The Gazette, January 14, 2008.

Construction and engineering finalists for the DBJ's 2012 Power Book: Finalists - Construction and Engineering. Denver Business Journal, October 19, 2012

Colorado’s Southern Delivery System Offers Promise of Water Availability to Match Population Growth: Beginning in the late 1980s, Colorado Springs Utilities began contemplating a new water delivery system to match forecasts of sustained population growth in the area. By 1996, Colorado Springs Utilities and its partner districts in Fountain, Security, and Pueblo West envisioned a more fully developed concept through their water resources planning effort. Irrigation Leader, May 2012 pdf document

State joins in appeal: Colorado Springs Utilities isn't alone in thinking Pueblo County District Judge Victor Reyes made a mistake. Colorado Springs Independent, May 30, 2012 pdf document

Co. Springs Utilities projects lower-than-expected water rate hikes: Colorado Springs Utilities is anticipating raising customers' water rates by a lower-than-expected amount as the city-owned utility taps on customers to help pay for the nearly $1 billion Southern Delivery System project.  KOAA, May 17, 2012

Colorado to appeal water quality ruling: The state will appeal a ruling by Pueblo District Judge Victor Reyes ordering the commission to redo its water quality certification for the Southern Delivery System.  The Pueblo Chieftain, May 16, 2012.

Colorado Springs Utilities may only need four, not six, water hikes for SDS: Colorado Springs Utilities now says that only two more water rates increases – not three – may be needed to pay for the Southern Delivery System water pipeline. The city-owned utility had initially planned six 12 percent water rate increases, two of which have already been approved.  The Gazette, May 16, 2012.

SDS still in compliance: The Bureau of Reclamation is not likely to suspend authorization for Colorado Springs to build and operate the Southern Delivery System, but will require the city to live up to its commitments.  The Pueblo Chieftain, May 11, 2012

9NEWS reports on SDS construction: One of the largest and most expensive construction projects to take place in Colorado in years promises to bring millions of gallons of water a day to a city that doesn't have the luxury of a reservoir or river nearby.  9NEWS, May 2, 2012

SDS is model of good governance: Sometimes local government gets it right, and the Southern Delivery System is shaping up as a great example. The Gazette, April 19, 2012.

Utilities will appeal SDS ruling, 'construction is proceeding':  Nearly one-third of the Southern Delivery System water pipeline is already in the ground. But Pueblo keeps kicking dirt in Colorado Springs’ face.  The Gazette, April 18, 2012.

Water windfall: Water bills for Colorado Springs Utilities customers won't more than double by 2017 to pay for the Southern Delivery System and other upgrades, as previously predicted.  Colorado Springs Independent, April 18, 2012.Attack on SDS is political, not environmental:  Don't be fooled.  The nuisance lawsuit against Southern Delviery System is not about water quality.  It's about good-old-boy politics masquerading as law.  The Gazette, April 16, 2012.

No pipe dream: SDS well under way: Keith Riley watched in awe Thursday as a front-end loader crawled along a bumpy dirt road balancing a 32,000-pound, 50-foot-long section of steel pipe in front.  The Gazette, April 6, 2012.

Ultra Resources, a Houston-based company, purchased a portion of Banning-Lewis Ranch for oil and natural gas development.  SDS and Banning-Lew Ranch fact sheet.

Colorado Springs Utilities will present information on SDS contracting opportunities on Wednesday May 16. Read more...

Ground Broken on Important Phase of Southern Delivery System:  Managers overseeing a nearly $1 billion project report they've past a major milestone. Work is beginning on a key piece of the Southern Delivery System...  KKTV, October 29, 2013

Pipeline project progresses:  On Tuesday, the city kicked off contruction of the Juniper pump station not far from the outlet from the dam that was built earlier as part of SDS.  Independent, October 29, 2013

SDS Pueblo pump station to have horsepower of four racing cars:  When complete, the Juniper water pump station in Pueblo will have many motors and one of them will have the horsepower of four Formula 1 racing cars.  Gazette, October 29, 2013

Project moves ahead brick-by-brick: There's room in a $900 million water pipeline project for all sorts of business. Even brick-makers. Joe Welte, whose granfather founded Summit Brick an Tile in Pueblo in 1902, gave a brief account of his family's business at Tuesday's celebration for local contractors who have worked on the Southern Delivery System. The event also marked the beginning of work on the Juniper Pump Station, the final piece of SDS construction in Pueblo County. Pueblo Chieftain, October 29, 2013

Contractors get boost from SDS:  The Southern Delivery System construction has provided a shot in the arm to Pueblo County’s economy, commissioners heard during a meeting last week on the progress of SDS. The Pueblo Chieftain, September 22, 2013

Southern Delivery System makes progress: The Southern Delivery System, which will bring water from the Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs, is still years from completion. But the first phase of the project has already made significant progress. Fox 21 News, July 2013  

Team of CO businesses breaks ground on $125M water treatment plant: A team of Colorado businesses joined local officials to break ground on a new $125 million water treatment plant in El Paso County as part of the Southern Delivery System (SDS) water project. Construction of the new plant is providing significant work for area businesses that participated in a shovel ceremony to mark the start of construction on the single largest SDS component. Water World, April 2, 2013

Water treatment plant means welcome work for companies:  It is only one project. It will last just six months. But the $1 million contract awarded to Springs Fabrication Inc. from Colorado Springs Utilities is enough to keep company founder and president Tom Neppl from laying off workers. The Gazette, March 20, 2013.

Work begins on SDS water plant: The Southern Delivery System will mark a milestone Wednesday when ground is broken for a $125 million facility to treat the “raw” water that will be pumped from the Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs in what is one of the biggest infrastructure projects under way in Colorado. The Gazette, March 19, 2013.

Water pipeline project advances: Colorado Springs Utilities has been up to its eyeballs in controversy over the Drake Power Plant and how much of the city's stormwater backlog it should shoulder. But in the meantime, Utilities has made significant progress on yesterday's controversy — namely, the Southern Delivery System.Colorado Springs Independent Blog Post, January 15, 2013.

Final, complicated tunnel for Colorado Springs water pipeline nears completion: A giant teeth-gnashing machine is boring its way 85 feet under Interstate 25, two sets of railroad tracks and Fountain Creek. The Gazette, December 28, 2014

Pipe company among the beneficiaries of SDS project: At the start of the economic recession in 2008-09 work slowed at the Northwest Pipe company, which manufactures pipe in Denver. Then in 2010, the contracts for the massive $841 million Southern Delivery System project started dropping, said John Moore, Northwest Pipe operations manager. "When it dropped, we went from hanging on, hibernation mode, to Pueblo and production," Moore said. The Gazette, December 27, 2014

SDS work spawned business opportunity: Brenda Hofer saw the cranes, trucks and crew members setting up shop off Marksheffel Road to build a football-size water treatment tank and she had an idea. She had worked in the construction industry and knew she could fill a niche - a hunger niche. The Gazette, December 27, 2014

Working out the kinks: Fountain Creek for years ate away at its banks about 15 miles north of Pueblo on a site that never fully recovered from decades of raging floods. Utilities restored the 28-acre site on its Clear Springs Ranch property as one of the conditions of Pueblo County’s 1041 permit for SDS. Pueblo Chieftain, November 23, 2014

Southern Delivery System brings cost-saving benefits for CSU customers: The good news for Colorado Springs Utilities customers is that there will be no rate hike in 2015 for the system. That's because of the total cost savings from the project. Fox21 News, August 19, 2014

City officials exceed promises with Southern Delivery System: Congratulations to the Colorado Springs City Council and the staff of Colorado Springs Utilities. As completion of the Southern Delivery System draws near, the massive water pipeline project remains ahead of schedule and under budget.The Gazette, July 29, 2014

Finishing Strong: Before the end of 2014, Colorado Springs Utilities will lay the final piece of pipe for one of the largest water projects currently being built in the western U.S. Water & Wastes Digest, July 2014

Denver's Northwest Pipe is a critical part of Colorado Springs water project: A Denver manufacturing plant, Northwest Pipe Co., has had a big part of Colorado Springs’ $841 million Southern Delivery System, a project to build a massive new pipeline that will carry water from Pueblo Reservoir to the city and its neighbors.Denver Business Journal, May 22, 2014

Denver pipes will allow Colorado Springs water to flow: Orders at the Northwest Pipe Co. plant in Denver were drying up in 2010 when bid requests started coming for a massive water project linking the Pueblo Reservoir and Colorado Springs called the Southern Delivery System. The Denver Post, May 23, 2014

Community Chat: Effective communication aids water project in Colorado. American City & County, May 19, 2014

SDS lawsuit finally dead: The Colorado Supreme Court denied an appeal today by the Pueblo County District Attorney that sought to derail Colorado Springs Utilities’ Southern Delivery System. The decision clears the last major potential roadblock for the $898 million pipeline from Pueblo Reservoir to Colorado Springs, which is already well under construction. Independent,April 28, 2014

Utilities analysis: SDS under budget and on time: Fifty years from now, residents of Colorado Springs will be please the leaders of today developed the Southern Delivery System, say a number of state water specialists.  Colorado Springs Business Journal, April 24, 2014

Business Partnership met to discuss water issues facing state: SDS by far is the biggest construction project going on at this point in time in southern Colorado... Gazette, February 5, 2014

SDS Phase I

  • Pueblo Dam connection
  • Raw and finished water pipeline
  • 3 water pump stations
  • 1 water treatment plant

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